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Keeping control of Big Brother

TV show Big Brother Italy has been produced using Etere's software in order to deliver a fast and cost-effective production process.

During the latest series of the show, the Etere sustem was used to provide remote control of cameras, lighting and audio. The Big Brother staff were able to easily and efficiently manage all 103 television cameras as well as 51 remote cameras used on the show. Of the latter. 17 Cameras are controlled by VISCA Fixed Protocol and 12 Cameras were supervised by a camera operator; and 14 cameras are infrared

The production also made use of 135 Environmental Microphones; 24 Collar Radiomicrophones for the participants set inside Big Brother House and 24 Radiomicrophones set in the television studio; 80 Sound Diffusers for the sound amplification; and 80 Mixers .

Etere also provided Big Brother with its Logger application that records and stores all the material shot by the 4 cameras operating 24 hours a day. Logger makes the traceability of all the material possible allowing the BB operators to tag and set all recordings as different sequences. The system logs all video contents recorded together with its own Etere browser (namely Etere Browsing) and proceeds with their storage. Once stored, all these video assets can be subject of all BB operators' queries and are therefore sorted according to their own criteria.