KAZA-TV Optimizes File-Based Workflow With NVerzion

SALT LAKE CITY — NVerzion announced that KAZA-TV, the Azteca America station serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area, has upgraded its end-to-end automation system. KAZA is relying on NVerzion Component Level Automation System Solutions.

Based in Avalon, Calif., KAZA broadcasts a variety of Spanish-language programming on the local digital UHF Ch. 54. During a recent transition to an all-HD infrastructure, KAZA deployed new NVerzion CLASS hardware and software components, including an SQL database. The complete system includes the NGest professional dubbing and recording software applications, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, NControlMC master control transmission playlists, a NBase SQL media database manager, NView database viewer, and EMC-Router Ethernet machine control.

Currently, the CLASS automation platform manages a variety of equipment at KAZA, including a Harmonic MediaDeck video server, a backup 360 Systems Maxx Video Server, and a Utah Scientific 400 router and Master Control switcher. One feature of the upgrade that KAZA finds especially useful is specialized API control of the Harmonic video server. Through NVerzion’s NControl cuts-only transmission playlists, KAZA runs an A/B playout solution separate from its master control operations for production purposes.

The NVerzion upgrade also provides KAZA with an Oracle MySQL database platform for increased reliability, robustness, and efficiency of the stations’ database communications.

CLASS is based on a modular architecture that guarantees the integrity of KAZA’s on-air presentation by eliminating any single point of failure within the station’s file-based workflow. Any piece of equipment that is not functioning properly is effortlessly bypassed, enabling KAZA to deliver a seamless on-air broadcast. Leveraging the scalability of NVerzion CLASS, the station can easily support additional channels or subchannels in the future.