Kasenna Offers 'Timeless TV' Networked PVR Service

Recording content on a home television has evolved from using VCRs to the personal video recorder (PVR) such as TiVo. The next step in this evolutionary process is using networked PVRs or NPVRs.

A PVR can be set up to record and store episodes of your favorite sitcom, but using an NPVR, with an "everything-on-demand" model, a user could view specific episodes immediately on-demand from content stored in libraries at a network operations center (NOC).

However, using an all-IP network to obtain content would be problematic because of the bandwidth limitations--users would only be able to receive one or two channels. But with NPVR, users could record any channel at the NOC where the digital storage technology would reside in the provider's digital video servers rather than at the customer's home.

Broadband video technology provider Kassena has developed a system to do just that.

Using VOD architecture, Kasenna produced its Timeless TV system that uses stream-clustering technology where servers can be added to support new subscribers without disrupting service. To implement this technology, Kassena create vFusion software to manage the workflow from content ingest through distribution, to facilitate bandwidth conservation.