Kanal 1, Haberturk play out with PlayBox

PlayBox Technology has supplied and installed complete playout systems for two Turkish national TV channels, Kanal 1 and Habertürk (part of CINER Media Group). The channels are expanding into a new Istanbul location with multiple fully redundant PlayBox Technology servers supporting playout and studio operations.

Eight AirBox playout servers handle all the internal and external playout requirements for the two channels, configured as two mirrored pairs operating in each of the MCRs for Kanal 1 and Habertürk. Single AirBox servers operate with the production studios.

The playout solutions for both channels also integrate with third-party systems including an internally developed text-based newsroom system for news automation and a Metus Library system that provides archiving for news and other program material that is available for future use.

The commercials department uses PlayBox’s ListBox to create commercial break playlists. Also in the program department, ListBox is used for the control and monitoring of commercial breaks. After broadcast, files that have archive value are imported to the PlayBox Metus Library system and archived. News graphics are handled by custom programs developed for Inscriber RTX and Orad. There is also a TitleBox that is used for quick inserts and as a backup for the Orad system.

For more information, visit www.playbox.tv.