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Jordan Radio & TV contracts Jampro Antennas

Jordan Radio & TV (JRTV) has contracted Sacramento, CA-based Jampro Antennas to supply broadcast antenna systems and related transmission equipment to upgrade four systems.

JRTV’s order includes Jampro model JUHD UHF broadband panel antennas and combiners, JCPD FM panel antennas, combiners and associated RF components.

JUHD broadband antennas are DVB-T-ready for UHF bands IV and V and have wide bandwidth for multichannel operation. Based on a modular design and made of stainless steel, JUHDs can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns. And, optional beam tilt and null fill allows the elevation pattern to be shaped to maximize coverage.

Engineers at Jordan Radio & TV also selected Jampro RCCS combiners, which provide a means to combine two or more signals. RCCS combiners employ bandpass filters and various lengths of transmission line configured to make these filters mutually invisible.

RCCS bandpass technology offers intermodulation suppression of both the combined frequencies and any other frequencies in the local environment. Temperature stability is maintained through the use of invar tuning rods on copper center conductors.

JRTV, the state broadcaster of Jordan, is a primary source of news, information and entertainment for the population of 6.4 million.

See Jampro at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C2307.