Jodrell Bank Dish and Crystal Palace Named In 'Unsung Landmark' Poll

BBC Magazine recently conducted an online poll to determine what was Britain's greatest "unsung landmark." The final round of the poll named eight landmarks, two of which are likely to be appreciated by RF Report readers -- the Crystal Palace transmission tower, which came in as number seven on the list with 5.8 percent of the votes, and Jodrell Bank's Lovell radio telescope, which had 21.03 percent of the votes. The runners up to the radio telescope were two engineering marvels, the Humber Bridge and the New Severn Bridge.

Jodrell Bank's Lovell telescope is exactly 250 feet in diameter and has been featured in numerous science fiction books and programs, including the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and Dr. Who.

The Crystal Palace TV tower is self-supporting and stands 728 feet tall.

For an interesting read on these and other unsung British landmarks, see the article "Love it or hate it, vote for Crystal Palace TV tower", by Tiffany Douglas and Ross Lidbetter (which was written before the voting ended) and the BBC News Magazine article "Aye to the telescope" by Finlo Rohrer. Some of the other eight "unsung landmarks" are covered in another BBC News Magazine article "Landmark vote results".