Jadoo Power Joins With Network Environmental Systems to Aid Law Enforcement

Jadoo Power Systems Inc. is partnering with Network Environmental Systems (NES) in an effort to assist the law enforcement community in backup communications, surveillance and other applications requiring reliable electrical power support.

The Jadoo Power Systems XRT unit with six N-Stor fuel canisters has been chosen for applications of these types and can provide 2,200 W-h of energy, with both 110 VAC and 12 VDC power outputs and a runtime well beyond that obtainable from standard deep-cycle marine batteries.

"NES has been working within the law enforcement community for years," said Jack Peterson, vice president of sales and marketing at Jadoo. "Their opinions, comments and recommendations are well respected by those that attend their training classes and employ them as consultants."

The Jadoo XRT package weighs only 50 pounds, less than half of conventional lead-acid storage batteries having the same power capacity.