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ITN Commits to Pro-Bel's Morpheus Control and Monitoring

ITN has committed to purchase and install Pro-Bel Morpheus Control and Monitoring for its London headquarters.

"We have been working closely with ITN over the past year to assist them in future-proofing their control operations," says Kirsty Aldridge, Pro-Bel's Product Manager for Control and Monitoring. "Given the sheer volume of national and international news feeds coming into ITN's MCR, as well as audio feeds back out to reporters, users need a powerful yet intuitive tool-set to ensure operational integrity."

"MCM will replace our in-house system for router and tie line control but we are also very excited by what MCM will offer for device management, thereby simplifying operations in our master control room," explains Keith Cass, Director of Technology, ITN.

Adrian Scott, Pro-Bel's Chief Marketing Officer, says "We have worked hard to bring to market what is in reality a very complex technology. We are grateful for ITN's commitment and look forward to working with them closely on the evolution of the product."