IPTV industry searches for unique identity, says ABI Research

It’s time for the “adolescent” IPTV industry to create its own identity so it can continue to grow and prosper, according to a new ABI Research report.

IPTV operators must now leverage their unique platform characteristics to differentiate their offering from other multichannel video program providers, like cable and satellite, to redefine the experience of television, said ABI Research senior analyst Cesar Bachelet.

According to Bachelet, there are several approaches, including:

  • Focusing on integration of Web content (text or video) with traditional broadcast content. New technologies offer the ability to pull real-time feeds from the Web and combine them with broadcast video content.
  • Offering subscribers the ability to access the EPG and DVR functionality through any Internet-connected device.
  • Taking advantage of targeted advertising. Relying on IPTV’s interactivity and personalization allow much more effective ad strategies than conventional broadcast.

The report, “Global IPTV Markets,” examines where IPTV operators stand today and the steps being taken to emerge from this adolescent stage of development.

For more information, visit: www.abiresearch.com.