Iowa Network Services Taps Myrio for Digital Delivery

Iowa Network Services (INS), a group that serves 147 telephone companies with roughly 250,000 subscribers, recently selected Myrio Corp. to provide software for the delivery of digital entertainment services over its telecommunications network. The Myrio system will be available to the owners and users of the INS network throughout Iowa. The INS offering to the telephone companies will include approximately 150 channels of DTV, digital music and always-on high-speed Internet access.

Charles Jablonski, president and CEO of Myrio, said that the agreement with INS demonstrates that telecommunications network operators are embracing the concept of evolving into entertainment companies.

"We offer a compelling business strategy to operators wanting to leverage their existing networks and implement new entertainment and communications services," said Jablonski. "Our solution is practical in terms of protecting subscribers from cable or satellite TV encroachment, and it is profitable in terms of a rapid return on the investment."