Intelsat Introduces Occasional Video Solutions

For those who don't require constant video support, Intelsat has created the Occasional Video Solutions, a user-customizable video system that targets broadcasters, rights holders, content providers and service providers.

Intelsat says OVS is designed to meet the needs for ad-hoc, special events or scheduled video feeds. The company also designed and operated a Video Operations Center that handles bookings, inquiries, monitoring and other video service requests.

OVS is developed according to customer requirements using space segment and ground network infrastructure and includes services like uplink, downlink, fiber, standards conversion, encoding, decoding, conditional access and switching. Configurations include both 8 Mbps and 15 Mbps.

"We listened to our customers and realized that the market for video services has changed," says Jon Romm, Intelsat's VP of video services. "Video customers are now demanding integrated [systems] delivered immediately and reliably."