Intellicaster automates podcasting for broadcasters

Intelligent Assistance, a creator of digital media software based in Burbank, CA, has introduced Intellicaster, a turnkey automated podcasting system for television and radio broadcasters.

Intellicaster, which runs on the Macintosh OS X platform, publishes video and audio podcasts without the need for human intervention. The system can automatically capture programs, such as news-based, on their broadcast schedule; delete commercial breaks if desired; encode to iPod-compatible formats; upload to a server; and update the publication database to update podcast feed.

Movies encoded by Intellicaster are suitable for embedding onto a Web site. Automated solutions can be custom created to post movies to Web sites as well as to podcast feeds.

Intellicaster can be optionally linked with klickTab's RSS-commerce solution, to charge micro payments for each episode downloaded by viewers. klickTab charges viewers only for the shows they download (manually or automatically) but maintains all the convenience of push-driven delivery into standard clients, like Apple's iTunes software.

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