Insys Video Technologies Unveils Cloud DRM

Insys Video Technologies
(Image credit: Insys Video Technologies)

WIELKOPOLSKIE, Poland—Insys Video Technologies today introduced the Cloud DRM cloud-native digital rights management platform, a fully serverless security solution designed to meet the needs of OTT service providers and content creators.

Making the DRM solution available in the cloud means Cloud DRM is not limited by on-premise infrastructure and can handle any traffic volume without compromising streaming platform performance, the company said.

“We designed Cloud DRM to respond to the needs of the changing video market,” says Insys Video Technologies product manager Dawid Górniak. “Due to its cloud-based, auto-scalable infrastructure, it can issue unlimited licenses per second. That means it can easily handle viewing peaks or help content distributors expand to new markets.”

A key feature of Cloud DRM is its adaptability. The solution integrates with three major DRM systems, including Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady, thereby guaranteeing compatibility with popular end devices, it said. 

Cloud DRM’s easy-to-use API and the adoption of standardized interfaces, such as SPEKE and CPIX, guarantee quick integration with external systems, even if the streaming company decides to change its player or packagers, the company said.

“With streaming companies losing billions of dollars to piracy each year, we think it is crucial to give our customers a reliable solution that protects their video content and is flexible in adapting to their business needs,” said Górniak.

More information as well as the ability to test the service are available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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