InStat report suggests slicing, dicing multiscreen video services for profitable consumption

InStat's September 2008 report, "The U.S. Market for Multi-Screen Services," by Keith Nissen, distinguished the blurring boundaries among TV, PC and mobile devices. In a market where service providers are challenged from all sides for control of consumers and content, multiscreen video services offer service providers a competitive advantage. Nissen’s research examined consumer behavior and preferences about multiscreen video services, pinpointing how and how frequently U.S. consumers actually use different screens.

The report also identified multiscreen service requirements, evaluating the demand for content-only multiscreen services and quantifying the added value provided by converged multiscreen services. Finally, Nissen assessed the markets for PC-TV and PC-mobile two-screen services, highlighting their differences and supplying a five-year U.S. subscriber and revenue forecast for both types of multiscreen services.

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