In-Stat forecasts continued IPTV subscriber growth despite economic troubles

Regardless of the seemingly endless string of bad financial reports globally, the number of IPTV subscribers around the world will grow more than threefold by the end of 2012, according to a recent report from In-Stat.

The report, “Worldwide Telco TV Services 2008: Explosive Growth Continues,” finds that recent regulatory changes in key markets, including Brazil, South Korea and India, have accelerated IPTV service offerings. According to In-Stat analyst Michelle Abraham, only a handful of markets across the globe, such as Japan and Argentina, remain hamstrung by regulations holding back incumbent operators.

According to the report, while triple-play service offerings are the mainstay of telco TV growth, quadruple-, double- and single-play services are growing in importance. Additionally, catch-up TV has proven to be a popular feature helping to propel IPTV subscriber growth, as have convergence applications.