Innofidei, Siano settle lawsuits

In the process of bringing legal action against each other, Siano Mobile Silicon and Innofidei have dropped their respective lawsuits and have agreed to settle without further litigation.

Siano has stated that the two companies have worked together outside of the court system and have mutually agreed to respect and recognize each other's intellectual property. They will also work to advance the China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) technology in China and other countries. Disputes on both the companies' properties have seen settled for the United States and China regions.

The problem started when Innofidei brought a patent infringement lawsuit against Siano, the patents invalidation applications and appeals by Garmin and Siano were brought before the Patent Re-examination Board, as well as Siano's lawsuit against Innofidei in California for anti-competitive behavior, which started in October 2010.

Both companies have issued statements signifying an end to litigation and a commitment to now focus on advancing their industries, instead of working against each other. One thing that has not yet come to light is if any money changed hands as a result of the settlement. While the companies are happy to have settled their differences outside of the court system, neither is providing much information indicating if a financial settlement had been arranged. And since the agreement avoided litigation, it is doubtful that any more details will be released to the public.