Inertia Unlimited completes off-road truck recording series

Inertia Unlimited completed an in-vehicle recording project for the CORR (Championship Off-Road Racing) Off-Road Truck Series in Crandon, WI.

Inertia Unlimited used the Outrider CF DVR from Fast Forward Video (FFV) to complete the project. The recorder weighs 0.62lbs and measures only 6in by 3in by 0.82in. The exterior housing is composed of anodized machined aluminum for rugged environments, and its video connectors are pin-compatible with a Sony Handycam. Using FFV's Outrider, the recorder features video capture and playback at 60 fields per second and offers a resolution greater than 550 lines at 4:1 compression.

The Outrider records to compact cards, providing easy removal and transfer of recorded material. The Outrider features NTSC/PAL compatibility, composite and Y/C inputs and outputs, pre-event record and loop record of PC-viewable QuickTime files or secure video files. The recorder provides 720 x 486 image pixel resolution and uses scalable and user-selectable motion JPEG compression.

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