Industry searches for Internet video business models, says JupiterResearch

A new report from JupiterResearch, "Programming for Three Screens: Leverage PC and Mobile Video to Support Core TV Efforts," has found that there is no industry consensus regarding business models or expectations for video delivered via PCs and mobile devices.

Media companies are increasingly jumping to offer video on an ad-supported basis, for sale as a download, via subscriptions and as rentals. No clearly winning strategy has emerged, however, and revenues from all these models will remain modest for the next several years. The main benefit to Internet-delivered video lies in building the audience, or increasing audience loyalty, for traditionally delivered TV programming, the report said.

During the next few years, however, substitution of Internet-delivered video for traditionally delivered video will grow, demanding that media companies adjust their mid- to long-term plans, according to JupiterResearch senior analyst and research director Joe Laszlo.

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