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Indie producer Chapa turns to FJ Prime Lens Series for “The Insatiable”

Indie producer Javier Chapa’s production team used Canon’s entire FJs Prime Lens Series to shoot the digital HD movie “The Insatiable.”

Directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, the movie combines bits of a horror, a love story, a comedy and a thriller.

Canon’s “FJs” series of six High Definition Electronic Cinematography (HD-EC) 2/3in Cine Prime Lenses include the FJs 5mm, 9mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm and 55mm Prime Lenses.

Directors Solomon and Konzelman wanted a classic, widescreen look, so they also used Canon’s ACV-235 Anamorphic Converter, which mounts between all of Canon’s 2/3in lenses — including the FJs Prime Lens series, Cine Zoom Lenses, and HD EFP lenses — and any 2/3in HD camera mount. The ACV-235 Anamorphic Converter horizontally compresses the object image by a factor of 1.32, which fills the 16:9 HD camera imager with an image having a full height and a width that is effectively 1.32 x 1.78 times that of picture height. Overall picture sharpness is also higher as a consequence.

Canon’s FJs Prime Lens series is compact, lightweight and offers high performance. Designed for exemplary optical performance, these lenses achieve exceptional picture sharpness as a result of the combined attributes of their modulation transfer function (MTF) profile across the 16:9 image plane, as well as their relative light distribution and superb contrast range. The FJs Prime Lens series’ tight control of chromatic aberrations enhances its performance.

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