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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Adds New Nvision Routing

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions has purchased a second set of Nvision audio and video routers for a new 53-foot dual expando production truck, the IMSPHD2.

David Gass, senior director of field operations and engineering at IMS Productions, said the selection of the Nvision NV8288 mobile video router was based on a number of factors, including size, switching density, power consumption, cable management and other attributes.

“We are continually busy with sporting, entertainment and racing events for the IMSPHD1 truck, so we are now in the process of building a second truck, the IMSPHD2,” Gass said. “The first truck layout has worked so smoothly that we’re replicating it for this second truck, with the same equipment, including the NV8288 and NV7512 routers.”

The NV8288 uses DIN 1.0/2.3 coaxial connectors, which provide twice the connector panel density of BNCs, making the router particularly attractive in space restricted mobile environments.

“Nvision’s use of these connectors has dramatically reduced the amount of space required in the truck and they worked when put to the test for the first time,” Gass said. “By keeping the size down for the NV8288 and cables, we can accommodate other useful production gear. It’s an innovation that is working very well for us.”

During the past year the new truck has been used for a number of sports and racing events including the Indy 500, Ryder Cup Golf, NBA games and ESPN Zone Billiards.