Incentive Auction Task Force Reminds Licensees to Update Info

WASHINGTON—The Media Bureau and Incentive Auction Task Force wants to make sure that all television licensees have their I’s dotted and their T’s crossed. The organizations are reminding licensees to update or confirm their contact information on file with the Commission.

This information is necessary for providing information and updates on things like channel reassignments that stem from the spectrum incentive auction. For this, licensees must have up-to-date contact information for all stations, including those selected in an FCC form 177 application and those that were not.

To update contact information in the Licensing and Management System (LMS), a station must access the LMS public search home page at
, click on “Facility Search,” enter its call sign or facility ID number for review, then if necessary access the LMS applicant data entry home page at, log in using the FRN associated with the station, click on the “facilities” tab, click on the station’s facility ID number, click on the “file an application” button, select “administrative update” option from the drop down menu, and input appropriate changes.

To update information in the Auction System, access the ISAS log in screen at or; enter applicant’s FRN and password to go to the My Auctions Page; click the “click here to file FCC form 177” link under the “Incentive Auctions” heading; click on “Auction 1001;” then click on the “applicant information” link to view subsections of a particular section of the application; next, click on “contact details;” if details are edited on this page, applicants must click the “certify & submit” button to officially submit changes.