Inaugural: DCI Teleports Captures Obamamania With Fujitsu

Washington-based DCI took the up-close-and-personal approach to HD coverage of the Obama family Tuesday along the parade route from the Capitol to the White House. Its mobile van was situated almost alongside the motorcade as it wound its way down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The teleport firm said it used Fujitsu’s IP-9500 encoder/decoder for its live mobile coverage. The service provider was commissioned by CBS.

DCI deployed similar coverage for the 2005 inaugural—when far fewer viewers had HD—although this time it captured Tuesday’s parade (and other adjacent downtown events) in MPEG-4. (MPEG-2 was used four years ago.)

Fujitsu said its IP-9500 offers real-time H.264 “High Profile at Level 4” encoding with data rates from 4-27 Mbps for HD. Fujitsu introduced it last fall.

DCI is a service provider for satellite and other communication links for the greater Washington region. They provide mostly live, mobile teleport and transportable satellite services to North American and international networks, mostly in Western Europe.

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