IMD digital delivery uses Telestream

Telestream's Clipmail Pro

London-based IMD has deployed Telestream's FlipFactory and ClipMail products in a digital video delivery service being offered to UK broadcasters.

Material arrives from the post-production houses either on a master tape or as a file transfer direct to IMD. From this, the ingest process creates a 50-iframe digital master which is stored on an Omneon video server.

Two Telestream FlipFactory servers automatically flip to the Telestream Clipmail header or the target format specific to each broadcaster’s playout server. IMD then distributes the material over its VPN to dedicated servers located at the broadcaster’s premises. The files are then presented to a Telestream ClipMail Pro via the remote folder option, where they are cued up and transferred to the playout server. This process can be controlled manually with an edit controller or by an automation system.

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