Imagine Supplies ZEEL With Cloud-Native Disaster Recovery System

MUMBAI, INDIA—ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Limited (ZEEL) is taking strides to increase the protection of its playout operations with the addition of a cloud-native disaster recovery system from Imagine Communications. The system is a combination of Imagine’s Versio playout platform and D-Series automation system.


The Versio system run entirely on commercial off-the-shelf IT platforms and is portable to all deployment environments. Versio works in tandem with the D-Series playout automation system, which provides device control for linear playout channels and manages the movement of file-based media to multiple delivery platforms. The D-Series Remote Schedule Synchronization feature enables both the primary and backup ZEEL sites to run in sync.

ZEEL has deployed the cloud-native system in its DR facility in Mumbai. The site supports 15 ZEE channels running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers across a virtual platform that mirrors ZEEL’s main site. Any changes made to the main system are immediately reflected on the DR system.