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Imagine Communications Technology Gets Ericsson Mediaroom Approval

DALLAS – Imagine Communications' SelenioNext live/multiscreen transcoder and Selenio Media Convergence Platform encoder have passed the test, the Ericsson Mediaroom test, that is. The transcoding and encoding products have been approved for use with Ericsson Mediaroom Internet Protocol Television platforms and can now be used by the global Ericsson Mediaroom ecosystem.

Selenio MCP

The SelenioNext is a high-density adaptive bitrate transcoder that allows service providers to ingest precompressed services and transcode, package, encrypt and stream multiscreen, multi-device video, by integrating multiple functions in a single COTS server platform.

The Selenio MCP is a multipurpose convergence technology that manages baseband and hybrid operations. The encoder bridges the gap for baseband over IP, supporting the latest compression formats while leveraging the high-quality video in baseband.

Imagine Communications is a video infrastructure, advertising systems and workflow management technology provider based in Dallas.