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IFA 2010: Still months Away, but 3DTV on Top

Germany's consumer electronics show, IFA2010 will be held in Berlin, Sept. 3-8. And while the show is still many weeks away, its Web site is already pushing 3DTV as the topic-of-choice (perhaps having already seen the handwriting on the wall at the recent NAB confab in Las Vegas).

It turns out that 3D technology for the living room is hardly a brand new topic for IFA, since a handful of set makers (including Sony and Panasonic) first showed off some of their initial 3D prototype units at the show last fall.

The annual IFA show (now in its 50th year) prides itself on what it claims to be several "firsts" for the television industry over the decades — such as Einstein's first "demo TV receiver" back in 1930 and Germany's intro to color TV in 1967 (and a few years after "Bonanza" was first "brought to you in living color on NBC" back in the states).

Announcing some initial plans this week to greatly expand the show's 3DTV coverage, IFA2010 officials said they also will be providing 3D hardware/software from several major manufacturers, including some which plan to have some of their 3D products at retailers by the time of the convention — as well as next-gen 3D units likely to be on tap for the 2010 holiday sales season late next fall.

In addition to 3DTV, IFA2010 will expand its showcases featuring Apple products and apps.