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IBC2008 panel to explore IPTV practicalities

The conference program at IBC2008 takes aim at the issues involved with an IPTV system rollout Saturday, Sept. 13, during the “Practicalities of IPTV deployment” business briefing.

The session, led by independent consultant Ian Volans, will offer four distinct snapshots of IPTV deployment, each looking at separate issues. They include:

  • Audio for IPTV: Are you missing part of the picture? Presented by Jason Power, director of Dolby Laboratories, this discussion will examine the important considerations that must be made in choosing an audio format for IPTV. Power will compare the HD-AAC and Dolby Digital Plus formats.
  • Disrupting the economics of IPTV. Jim Wilkinson of Edgeware will discuss the ongoing shift among IPTV operators as they move away from generic computer-based technology to dedicated network appliances to meet the requirements of bandwidth-intensive services like VOD and time shifting.
  • Delivering benefits across the IPTV value chain through standardization. The Q&A session will give attendees the chance to learn how companies offering IPTV solutions across the value chain are benefitting from the Open IPTV Forum’s efforts to develop end-to-end IPTV standards.
  • IBM Global Technology Service.

Panelists will include Steve Christian, Verimatrix; Peter Galyas, Tilgin; Olivier Martel, Orange France Telecom; and Yun Chao Hu, chairman of the Open IPTV Forum.

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