Hong Kong’s now TV Goes With BroadStream Oasys

ATLANTA—After looking for a channel-in-a-box system to replace its traditional master control playout system, Hong Kong-based pay TV service now TV has tapped BroadStream Solutions Oasys integrated playout system to provide more than 20 playout channels.

now TV utilizing the Oasys playout system

The pay TV service is using a single Oasys IT-based playout system operating on industry standard IT hardware and controlled through an intuitive user interface. It initially installed eight primary and four backup channels of Oasys for playout services with graphics inserts, but is now expanding for a majority of its services, including onscreen graphics, program title keying, dynamic scrolls and channel branding.

The Oasys system also offers channel redundancy with 1:1, M:1 and/or M:N configurations with channel prioritization. The system also has IP in/out capability.

BroadStream Solutions focuses on the playout of linear television channels and news playout tools for broadcasters, networks, cable and satellite operations.