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Hitachi Increases Ownership of Fujitsu Plasma Technology

Hitachi has strengthened its position in the plasma display market by acquiring stock and plasma technology patents from Fujitsu. After the transaction is completed by the end of March, Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Limited (FHP) will become a subsidiary of Hitachi, which will own 80 percent of FHP's stock. No immediate change will be made in FHP's name or management.

Fujitsu recently reported that its quarterly operating profit declined by more than half amid sluggish demand for its computer chip and display products. FHP is the world's fourth largest plasma display company after Samsung, LG Electronics and Matsushita.

FHP's plasma technology features the ALIS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces Method) panel driving system that combines 1000-plus scanning line resolution with high brightness, the e-ALIS system compatible with large-screen plasma panels and the recently developed TERES (Technology of Reciprocal Sustainer) system that enables panel driving at half the conventional voltage.