Hitachi HDTV Cameras Called In for WKTV Newscasts

WOODBURY, N.Y.—Responsible for producing more than 30 hours of live newscasts a week for central New York, WKTV recently acquired five Hitachi DK-Z50 cameras in an effort to enhance viewer experience. These new cameras feature 2/3-inch CCD imagers, 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion and advanced digital signal processing.

The five cameras are deployed throughout the news studio and are under the control of a Ross Overdrive automated production system. A Ross CamBot 500-Series robotic camera head is paired with four of the Hitachi cameras for unmanned operation; these cameras cover the main news set, weather and sports sets, promo operations, Update Center and News Talk area. The fifth DK-Z50 is used in the newsroom for stand-ups with on-camera talent.

The DK-Z50 was able to be installed side-by-side of the news station’s existing standard definition gear, which allowed them to continue broadcasting from the studio during the upgrade.

WKTV is an NBC, CW, MeTV and CBS affiliate, who in addition to providing live broadcasts offers live streams via its WKTV website.