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HDTV Standards Update

From camera to home display, HDTV acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, decoding, and display rely on a multitude of industry standards. These standards are crucial in assuring that component parts of the HDTV chain work together. There are many sectors in the end-to-end HDTV/DTV system, and each sector has a standards development organization that generates and maintains standards applicable to its bailiwick.

We have said before in this Notebook that the ATSC is responsible for development and maintenance of standards relating to U.S. HDTV/DTV terrestrial broadcasting. Other standards organizations that develop HD standards applicable to the UnitedStates include SMPTE (production and studio), SCTE (cable), CEA (receivers), and IEEE (measurement). ATSC standards are available for free download from the ATSC Web site. Many other standards bodies support their standards development activities financially by charging for copies.

The ATSC maintains the very helpful Guide to DTV Standards on the ATSC Web site. This guide, regularly updated, lists all the standards applicable to DTV and HDTV in the United States, along with information on how to obtain non-ATSC standards. Anyone needing DTV and HDTV standards information can get it by visiting the ATSC Web site .