HDTV lifts spirits, says UK psychologist

If you’re a broadcaster who’s a little down about keeping your analog transmitter on for an extra four months, a typical person who’s depressed about the economy or anyone else feeling a bit blue, here’s a novel prescription to brighten your mood: watch HDTV.

According to Sky+HD, recent research conducted by a psychologist in the UK showed that watching HDTV can help to improve the psychological well-being of the viewer.

The psychologist, Donna Dawson, has identified visual stimuli to the brain that increase endorphin levels and release serotonin, which will improve one’s general outlook. "Color research reveals bright colors lift your mood and help the viewer to feel more positive, excited, happy or relaxed,” she said. “Laughter has also been shown to release endorphins from the brain, the body’s natural ’feel good’ chemicals.” Dawson has created a “Happier Days TV Guide” for programming that will help elevate the spirits of viewers throughout February.

Is this legit, or simply a way to sell more subscriptions and attract attention to Sky+HD? Who knows, but why not watch a little more HDTV? It may get the endorphins and serotonin flowing, or at the very least distract you from those unbudgeted transmitter expenses.