HD replays give college football officials clear evidence for their decisions

The 2010-11 college football season marked the move to HD instant replays in uncompressed quality, which is superior to what viewers see at home.

To deliver HD, the XOS HD Replay system, based on video technology from AJA Video Systems, was employed. Earlier in 2010, XOS Digital, a provider of digital technologies for sports teams nationwide, introduced the XOS HD Replay with AJA’s KONA LHi capture and playback cards and HDP2 mini-converters.

The XOS HD Replay system takes an uncompressed HD-SDI video feed from the on-site broadcast truck and captures it via AJA’s KONA LHi. The HD-SDI output of a second KONA LHi card is routed through AJA HDP2 mini-converters to play back the uncompressed HD video on standard computer monitors in a replay booth for the game’s dedicated replay official. With multiple play angles in superior image quality, replay officials were able to get the conclusive video evidence they need to uphold, overturn or confirm an on-field call or coaches’ challenge while enabling decisions to be made by the replay official quickly.

NCAA football’s Southeastern Conference (SEC) was the first to adopt the HD Replay system with other conferences, including the Big12, the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and Conference USA, joining over the course of the season.