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HD Plasma Tops Sears Wish List (for Males)

It's hard to gauge exactly how scientific this survey is, if at all, but Sears said this week its annual "Wish Big" wish list revealed that while Americans used to wish for snow on Christmas morning (20 percent) and to wake up to a room full of toys (23 percent), they now hope for a no-stress holiday season (32 percent) or weight loss (13 percent). Sign of the times.

Men tend to hope for a "big screen plasma TV" and a new car (not necessarily in that order). As luck would have it, Sears said it does offer a 50-inch projection HD from one well-known maker, as well as a 42-inch plasma HD from another. But no cars. The retailer provided no price points on its HD wares for the upcoming holiday season, which, for all practical purposes, kicks off on Friday, Nov. 25.

Besides diamonds and kitchen appliances (women), another item that Sears said "generated interest" among younger males is the ubiquitous iPod (although they didn't specify between the TV-video model or the music-only version).