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HD Intercom Selected for Sweetwater’s New HD Truck

Sweetwater Digital Productions has chosen Riedel Communication’s Artist digital intercom matrix to install in its new high-definition video truck, named Cobalt. Sweetwater specializes in the rental of video production trucks, custom control rooms and other production equipment used in the entertainment industry.

The new 53-foot HD truck, built for entertainment show production, is wired for up to 20 cameras. At the heart of the truck lies a 192x192 Artist matrix in two frames joined with fiber. The system connects digitally to the main audio router directly via AES audio on AES-108 client cards, thus eliminating the need for external AD/DA converters. Coax client cards allow control panels to be wired via coax cabling and analog cards offer transformer balanced 4-wire I/Os.

For Sweetwater, which owns multiple Artist digital intercom matrices, the choice to install another Riedel system in their new flagship vehicle was easy.

“We love the system’s flexibility, the way it works intuitively,” Stephen Sharp, a truck engineer for Sweetwater said. “The software is also very good—very easy to use.”