HD channels a daily stop for two-thirds of surveyed viewers

Nearly two-thirds of TV viewers recently surveyed say they are more likely to watch HDTV programs daily, according to a new study from Knowledge Networks.

For the study, the research group contacted viewers who participated in a similar survey in 2007. The comparison reveals a substantial increase in preference for HDTV programming. Today, 43 percent said they viewed HD shows daily, compared to 26 percent who said they did so two years ago.

A comparison of the two studies reveals:

2007 2009 Watch HD programs every day 26 percent 43 percent Always make an effort to watchHD when SD/HD on at the same time 61 percent 68 percent Watch “how-to” shows in HD 12 percent 26 percent Watch drama shows in HD 32 percent 43 percent Watch national evening news showsin HD 22 percent 31 percent Watch sitcoms in HD 38 percent 47 percent

Knowledge Networks also interviewed a group of 510 previously unsurveyed respondents age 13 to 54 who have HDTVs and HD reception and discovered several differences between men and women in HD viewing habits and preferences. Key findings include:

48 percent of males check HD channels first versus 19 percent of females;

58 percent of males select HD over SD when a program is available in both versus 41 percent of females;

42 percent of males notice if ads aren’t in HD versus 20 percent of females;

36 percent of males are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it’s in HD versus 26 percent of females;

42 percent of females say HD ads are relevant to their needs and interests versus 31 percent of males; and

24 percent of females are more inclined to buy from brands or companies that advertise during HD programs.