HD capabilities desired by majority of TV buyers, says survey

The finding is part of a new report that explores consumer attitudes about different aspects of TV installation and usages
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High-definition capabilities are a desired feature in the next television purchase of nearly two-thirds of respondents to a recent survey.

The finding is part of The NPD Group report “Coming In Clearer,” which also found strong consumer interest in flat-panel plasmas and LCD panels. However, the picture isn’t completely rosy.

Consumers remain confused about HDTV. According to the report it will most likely be up to retailers to deliver the needed education because consumers prefer to gather information in person.

Other findings include:

  • At least 96 percent of homes surveyed still have standard tube (CRT) TVs;
  • Up to 60 percent listed HD capabilities as a desired feature in their next set;
  • Those likely to buy a new set within a year are as likely to purchase an LCD or plasma as they are a tube-based set;
  • Most consumers said they want bigger, wider displays – generally in the 40- to 46in range;
  • Nearly 25 percent indicated they would spend extra money for the “art house effect” created by hanging a 3- to 4in thick plasma or LCD on the wall;
  • At least 20 percent expressed interest in the CableCard for use with cable-ready sets.

The NPD Group polled 6280 adult members of its online consumer panel for the survey last April. Respondents were surveyed about different aspects of TV installation and usage for five main types: standard TV with glass tube; plasma display; LCD TV; rear projection TV and front projection TV.

For more information, visit www.npd.com.

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