HD Bonus Content Delays Blu-ray 'Da Vinci Code'

Along with a delay in shipment of Europe-bound PlayStation 3 units with Blu-ray drives until 2007 (see previous item), production of HD bonus material for an important Sony title this fall is holding up the firm's movie content delivery as well.

The original plan by Sony was to release one of its biggest titles, "The Da Vinci Code," both on Blu-ray and standard DVD in mid-November. But within the past week, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment said it will forego the Blu-ray Disc version until a later date, according to High-Def Digest.

The problem is not the movie itself or technical issues, per se, but the time and post production necessary to ready the HD special features content planned for the Blu-ray product. Bonus material for both Blu-ray and rival HD DVD discs is expected to be somewhat more sophisticated than today's typical standard DVD bonus features, and Sony has indicated the Da Vinci project cannot be ready in time for a November release.