Harris unveils high-performance storage for broadcast servers

Harris has developed a new online storage array called Farad that works in tandem with its Nexio advanced media server platform (AMP) within a collaborative, file-based infrastructure. It leverages RAID protection and a special software layer to increase availability to content on the server and facilitate easy scalability as the need requires.

New Nexio 6.0 software supports the AMP and Nexio Volt 1RU transmission servers, and works in combination with both the new Farad high-performance online storage systems and Velocity 2.5 editors to increase productivity across a variety of production and HD news workflows.

Demonstrated at the NAB Show last week, the latest generation of the Nexio AMP platform enhances the ingest density for production applications, provides 1080p (3Gb/s) format support and improves energy efficiency, according to the company. Harris said cost per channel is vastly improved, with twice the number of physical ingest channels and a choice of up to four bidirectional HD channels or eight SD-only channels (four in, four out).

This makes Nexio AMP ideally suited for ingest and playout in multichannel broadcast and media operations, and allows users to balance the right mix of HD and/or SD channels today while providing a simple upgrade path to meet future requirements.

With IT technology at its core, the Nexio AMP server incorporates a single-link 3Gb/s-capable I/O card (as opposed to dual-link) and supports all codecs in a single chassis, reducing rack space requirements and enhancing interoperability with Harris 3Gb/s infrastructure and networking equipment. Power consumption is reduced through energy-efficient 2 ½-inch drives. A new integrated USB recovery drive provides hassle-free system restore and hardware diagnostics for increased on-air reliability.

The Nexio AMP also provides codec independence and seamless back-to-back playout of all supported codecs in any resolution — complete with up/down/crossconversion, aspect ratio conversion and AFD support.

Broadcasters and media production professionals can further increase scale, bandwidth and capacity by adding the Farad online storage. Nexio Farad is designed for large-scale ingest, editing and playout for production, sports, news and live events. The initial release of Nexio Farad offers 32,000Mb/s bandwidth and provides 512TB of usable storage to support the higher bandwidth and storage needs for larger scale production applications.