Harris transmitter used in Australian DVB-H trials

A Harris transmitter was used over the past year to complete a high-power trial of digital video broadcasting to handheld (DVB-H) devices in Australia.

Using an Atlas Digital DTV660L liquid-cooled DVB-T transmitter from Harris, the trial was conducted over the past year by Broadcast Australia, an independent broadcast transmission provider.

For the trial, Broadcast Australia worked with Harris, telecommunications provider Telstra, and wireless antenna and cable manufacturer Radio Frequency Systems (RFS). Comprising the delivery of 16 channels of live-streamed, diverse content to 400 trial users, the trial explored the technical aspects and usage patterns of multichannel mobile media services.

The Harris transmitter provided 3.4kW of power from a single cabinet into an existing, multi-coupled UHF antenna system, delivering 80kW effective radiated power (ERP), covering the major part of the Sydney metropolitan area.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.