Harris Poll: Sony, Dell Named 'Best Brands'

A new Harris Poll of more than 2,000 adults asked to list their favorite brands across all product lines and industries (not just CE) ranked Sony as "best brand" in the United States.

The ranking came as no big surprise; it was the seventh consecutive year that Sony came out on top, despite some well-publicized fall-back by the Japanese firm in the flatscreen HD and ED arena until recently (a development that apparently may have had more of a negative impact on industry observers than on consumers themselves).

The findings by Harris again placed Dell, the middleman-free computer and HD firm, in the runner-up slot. This means the top two best brands among all industries and all products and services in the survey are both involved with HD products. Two other IT firms managed rankings in the Top 10: HP secured 7th place, and Apple entered the list (apparently for the first time) in 10th. GE was ranked 8th.

Other best brand recognition in the scientific survey included Coca-Cola (3rd), Toyota (4th), Ford (5th), Honda (6th), and Kraft Foods (9th). GM and Microsoft dropped out of the top 10 this year, Harris Polls said in a statement.

The nationwide poll surveyed 2,351 U.S. adults, asking them simply to name the three brands in any category off the tops of their heads that they consider the best at what they produce. Harris said it did not provide a list of possible choices.