Harris, LG Tout Public Safety Uses of MPH

Harris Corp. and LG Electronics, hoping their MPH (mobile/pedestrian/handheld) technology will become the standard for mobile DTV, demonstrated delivery of public safety-related data over a locally generated MPH channel at the NAB Show.

Harris teamed with New Hampshire Public Television, the University of New Hampshire and Project 54—a collaborative R&D effort between UNH and the New Hampshire Department of Safety—for the demonstration. The delivery was enabled by the SkyScraper datacasting system from Triveni Digital, an LG subsidiary.

“By introducing the element of mobility, MPH enhances the delivery of critical data such as building blueprints, hazardous materials locations and evacuation routes,” said Jong Kim, president of LG’s Zenith R&D Lab. “With its proven capability, MPH can transmit emergency information not only to institutions, but also to individual police officers, firefighters and hospital personnel via handheld and in-dash devices in their rapidly moving vehicles.”

In addition to the Harris/LG-backed MPH, two other mobile DTV standards—one from Samsung, Rohde & Schwarz and Nokia, and the other from Micronas and Thomson—are undergoing tests by the Open Mobile Video Coalition. The OMVC is expected to give its results for the three competing standards to the Advanced Television Systems Committee by May 15. The ATSC has said it aims to have a candidate standard before the end of the year.