Harris introduces remote control facility management system

The Harris ReCon is a remote control facility management system for television transmitter sites. Statmon Technologies powers the Recon. It can support future station consolidation models through unique remote communications protocols.

The ReCon communicates with a diverse list of broadcast network and facility control equipment. It can handle an unlimited number of status, analysis and control channels. The system is web-enabled, monitors SNMP, is capable of remote operation and handles EAS logging. ReCon provides unlimited numbers of status, analog and control channel capacity. It can be configure for large broadcast groups, networks or a single transmitter in a remote location - all through existing data paths.

Using the power of Internet Protocol (IP), ReCon communicates with a diverse list of broadcast, network and facility control equipment. Using serial interfaces with most transmitters and associated equipment, ReCon lets you fully remote control and monitor equipment in local and remote sites that previously were unmanageable by traditional remote control units.

With ReCon, you can manage multiple transmitters at a single site, as well as most transmitter facility functions including: RF controls, HVAC systems, security alarms, tower lights, and much more. ReCon reduces the need for bulky wire harnesses, multiple relay panels and time-consuming installation and configuration. ReCon is web-enabled and monitors SNMP. It also provides remote operation and logging of EAS. A Windows-based software program, ReCon monitors and controls a transmitter from any location as long as you have computer access via your network or the web.

For more information visit www.harris.com.

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