Harris director presents technical paper on delivering file-based media for IPTV

John Delay, a director in Harris Corporation’s Broadcast Communications Division, is presenting a technical paper titled “IPTV — The Business Opportunity for Delivering Interoperable, File-Based Media” this week at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Technical Conference and Exhibition in Hollywood, CA.

As consumers adopt IP-enabled devices such as phones, personal computers and digital cameras, originators of all types will see an increasing demand for file-based content. Advances in secure, manageable media devices, lower cost storage platforms, standards-based compression and IP-enabled networks make it feasible to implement new business models for targeted file-based media distribution across multiple networks; however, managing the content — getting the right content to the right subscriber in the right format on the right device — significantly increases the complexity of managing content acquisition, rights management, advertising and distribution.

Delay’s presentation addresses the business opportunities, emerging content delivery models, applications and interoperability issues associated with producing, distributing and delivering file-based media across multiple networks simultaneously.

For more information, please visit www.broadcast.harris.com/television.