Harmonic launches digital service management solution

At NAB2003, Harmonic introduced its Digital Service Management solution, giving broadcasters—as well as satellite, cable, telco, and wireless network operators—the ability to control and monitor their digital video infrastructure at an aggregate level, as a series of services, rather than just discrete pieces of hardware. Harmonic's NMX Digital Service Manager (NMX) represents a breakthrough in the way digital video services are provisioned and managed. It shields operators from the growing complexity of their technical infrastructure, allowing them to concentrate their resources on revenue-generating activities.

The NMX system, through an intuitive graphical user interface, permits operators to easily assemble video and audio services into efficient digital transports. The underlying encoding, multiplexing, digital turnaround and delivery equipment is reconfigured and managed by the system. As a result, NMX significantly improves operating efficiencies, maximizes bandwidth and, at the same time, delivers the highest levels of service quality and availability.

Operators have long sought a way to easily add, modify and manage their services according to the regularly changing needs of their business.

NMX makes it possible to automatically and transparently manage the hardware infrastructure supporting a digital and interactive television services.

Based on open standard networking and management technologies, NMX allows both the remote control of centralized systems and the centralized control of geographically dispersed systems, improving service availability and reducing operational costs. NMX uses a standards-based XML interface which enables the interconnection of key third party subsystems such as conditional access, scheduling and automation.

For more information visit www.harmonicinc.com.

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