Grass Valley’s GV STRATUS Playout Provides Disaster Recovery for TV5

MONTREAL—TV5 Québec Canada has installed the GV STRATUS Playout system, which provides the station with a disaster recovery site for its playout and transmission operations. The functionality of the system was tested back in August.

To test the GV STRATUS Playout, TV5 ran a wide-scale disaster simulation. They evacuated the building for several hours to test the recovery site, a rented office space with computers that had nothing installed. The GV STRATUS Playout was able to get the site online, fitting with TV5’s parallel transmission paths to its primary playout chains, ensuring continuous playout of TV5 and Unis. The GV STRATUS Playout can also be controlled with a standard web browser, providing access to revenue-generating components shortly after leaving the building.

“GV STRATUS Playout tools are cloud-enabled, they can operate in a variety of environments and can be tailored for each user’s job, increasing efficiencies and collaboration,” said Steve Stubelt, vice president of sales, North America, Grass Valley.

TV5 Québec Canada bought a number of other Grass Valley products, including the Densité IRD, K2 Summit TX and K2 SOLO.