Grass Valley to show HD wireless camera at NAB2006

At the NAB convention, Grass Valley will demo its new HD wireless camera system that’s designed to work with the company’s LDK 6000 series of HD cameras.

The HD wireless camera system features the JPEG 2000 compression scheme and a wavelet-based system. Given a bandwidth of 55- to 75Mb/s, high-quality HD images can be transferred with a latency of just one frame. A lower bit-rate, highly robust transmission mode and booster for long-distance outdoor applications are also included.

The system’s wireless link uses the 802.16 standard, a subset of the WiMax format, and provides coverage of up to 3280ft with an optional roaming kit. Future developments could allow the wireless camera to become a true WiMax device, bringing the possibility of a roaming HD camera anywhere in a city.

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