Google Announces Companies in White Spaces Database Group

Google this week introduced the White Spaces Database Group on its Public Policy Blog Web site. As you may recall, a working white space database listing available channels is required before consumer devices can be deployed. Google joined Comsearch, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Motorola and Neustar in launching the White Spaces Database Group.

According to Google's posting, “In the coming weeks and months, members of the group will be offering to the Commission their perspectives, and some specific recommendations, about the technical requirements we would like to see adopted for the database. Many of these specifications ultimately will be heavily technical; put simply, we'll advocate for data formats and protocols that are open and non-proprietary, with database administration that is also open and non-exclusive.”

Google said that while it didn't plan to become a database administrator, it wanted to work with the FCC to make sure that a while spaces database gets up and running. Watch the Google Public Policy Blog for more news on their white space device initiatives.