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Golf Channel Converts With For-A

The Golf Channel is now using two For-A FRC-7000 HD frame rate converters for conversion of PAL content arriving from Europe and Asia at its Orlando, Fla. facility.

“Previously, our frame rate conversion was done by a third party,” said Ken Botelho, senior director of engineering at the Golf Channel. “We decided to streamline the process and perform in-house frame rate conversion of PAL signals. Now that we control the quality of that signal in-house, it saves time. And that saves money.”

Botelho said that the network’s picture quality has been improved since the For-A converters were installed and that the units have proven very easy to operate and control, with operators especially liking the ability to manipulate both video and audio with the same device.

The Golf Channel is an international programming network, serving more than 120 million homes in the United States and abroad.