Golden Eagle Broadcasting integrates Harris equipment across master control

Tulsa, OK-based Golden Eagle Broadcasting, viewed locally over the air (KGEB-TV) and distributed to cable and satellite systems as the GEB Network, has installed Harris workflow, infrastructure and networking equipment for its master control operation as the broadcaster continues its digital conversion.

Central to the dual-playout operation in master control are two Harris NEXIO AMP transmission servers with 12TB of integrated storage per unit and a Harris ADC automation system that controls server playout and other components in the on-air workflow.

Golden Eagle Broadcasting has also installed a Harris Predator II-GX multiviewer from the Harris HView CP family to monitor video, audio and data feeds from the NEXIO AMP servers and other sources.

The installation also includes a variety of Harris 6800+ processing and distribution gear, including HD/SDI distribution amplifiers, embedding gear and A/D-D/A converters. Harris DTS Neural Surround UpMix technology processes 2.0 stereo feeds for 5.1 surround and provides loudness control functionality through an additional Harris module.

Harris Videotek VTM4100 test and measurement solutions for loudness monitoring complete the installation.